Find more technology related information in this blog to help you with your DIT challenges.

Codcademy - a website to support coding

This website was recommended by a student to me. He is learning to make a website and found this site very useful. 

It gives you step by step instructions to learn the basics to more complex code to develop a website. It gives clear instructions and allows you to test your coding skills in your browser. You can track your development through the online content by signing up.

Visit codecadamey and try it out.

Music to support study.

Getting in the zone to study and concentrate can be helped by music. There is a great YouTube channel that has a selection of music that can help you get into that exam frame of mind. 

Just click here to visit this channel. Play it in the background and see if it helps you to focus on the task at hand. - a new way to take notes of a video

This website called, allows you to watch a video and type up your notes in this clever and simple way. Simple paste the URL/ Web address of your video into the appropriate box. Then press play and type up your notes. Your typing are linked to the video - in other words when you click on the notes, that moment in the video is selected and you can play it from that point.

If you have your student Gmail account open in the same browser, your notes can be saved to your Google Drive. You can then reopen your notes in the Google Drive or in your account. 

Try it out.

Duolingo- Learn a language

Duolingo- a language support website
Duolingo ( supports the learner with Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Italian. It also promotes the development of these languages through audio and written work to encourage the user to retain the new words and grammar. The levels of challenge has a wide range and it offer tasks such as translation of texts and you can view different categories of text from food to history. Your progress can be saved as you increase in confidence.
Try it out, its completely free.